EA SPORTS™ WRC - Buyer's Guide

Get ready to rally with EA SPORTS WRC, officially sanctioned by the FIA World Rally Championship. Check out its pros and cons to decide if it's worth your time.
Fan-art of EA SPORTS™ WRC

Unleash your creative genius in EA SPORTS WRC, officially sanctioned by the FIA World Rally Championship. Construct the ideal rally car from the ground up with help from the developers of DiRT Rally, renowned for their authenticity and attention to detail.

Should I play EA SPORTS™ WRC in 2024?

The good

  • Blend of Codemasters and Kylotonn WRC: Many users appreciated the fusion of elements from Codemasters’ DiRT series and Kylotonn’s WRC titles, particularly the varied car selection, improved handling, and the rich career modes.
  • Stage Variety: The game features a wide variety of tracks and stages, which some players found to be more expansive and varied compared to previous titles like Dirt Rally 2.0.
  • Handling and Realism: Positive feedback on the handling of vehicles and the evolution of the physics engine, leading to a more realistic rally racing experience.
  • Content and Car Choice: Users loved the extensive car roster and the more numerous stages which add depth to the game.

The bad

  • Kernel-Level Anti-Cheat: Significant backlash over the introduction of kernel-level anti-cheat software, which many players found intrusive and unnecessary for a predominantly single-player game.
  • Performance Issues: Numerous complaints about stuttering, frame rate drops, and poor optimization, especially for VR mode.
  • VR Experience: The VR mode performance is notably subpar, with many users unable to achieve stable gameplay even on high-end systems.
  • Content Lock and Microtransactions: Frustration over separate subscription fees to unlock additional content and the overall monetization strategy.
  • Technical and Stability Issues: Persistent bugs, crashes, and inconsistent performance, even with powerful hardware setups.


Should you still buy or play EA SPORTS™ WRC in 2024? 🏁 Given the feedback, approach with caution. ⚠️ While the game excels in delivering an immersive rally experience, with excellent handling and a rich variety of stages, the intrusive kernel-level anti-cheat, poor optimization, especially for VR, and ongoing performance issues are major red flags. For rally enthusiasts, it might be worth a try, but be prepared for potential frustrations. If you’re into rally games and can overlook these drawbacks, it could still be enjoyable, but otherwise, you might be better off sticking with Dirt Rally 2.0 or exploring other titles. Happy racing! 🏎️💨

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Top image is not real in-game screenshots. Fan-art made by Gamer.se. Some game metadata is coming from RAWG