Automobilista 2 - Nürburgring Pack - Buyer's Guide

Take your sim racing skills to the next level with the Automobilista 2 - Nürburgring Pack, featuring realistic tracks and accurate simulation. Maximize your racing experience and immersion with stunning visuals and realistic lighting. Should you buy it?
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‘Automobilista 2’ welcomes its most challenging addition yet with the release of The Nürburgring DLC, presenting a comprehensive portrayal of one of motorsport’s legendary tracks. This update introduces players to both versions of the track: ‘The Modern Nürburgring,’ which includes the GP layout and its faster Veedol chicane variant as well as the Sprint layout; and the Nordschleife, known affectionately as the ‘Green Hell’, a 20. groomed through the Eifel Forest and the demanding 24h layout that merges both the GP track with the Nordschleife in an authentic LIDAR-assisted design.

Players can also take on the historic 1971 Nürburgring, featuring detailed renditions of the Südschleife (South Loop), Nordschleife (North Loop) and Gesamtstrecke (Whole Course). Dive into this highly faithful recreation that immortalizes a bygone era in motorsport history.

Should I play Automobilista 2 - Nürburgring Pack in 2024?

The good

The Automobilista 2 - Nürburgring Pack has received widespread acclaim from players, with many praising its stunning visuals, realistic tracks, and accurate simulation. Many players have commented on the track’s attention to detail, realistic lighting, and force feedback. Players have also praised the inclusion of the Südschleife, the lesser-known southern loop of the track.

The bad

Some players have expressed disappointment with the night version of the track, citing its lack of immersion and missing details. A few players have also mentioned issues with the track’s dimension and resolution, particularly with regards to tree textures. One player has criticized the track’s online features, citing a lack of players and poor server performance.


Despite some minor criticisms, the Automobilista 2 - Nürburgring Pack is a must-have for any sim racing enthusiast. The attention to detail, realism, and accuracy make it a standout title. While some players may have experienced some issues with the night version of the track or texture resolution, these issues are minor and do not detract from the overall experience. With its low price point, this pack is an absolute steal.

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