Golf It! - Buyer's Guide

Immerse yourself in Golf It!'s vibrant courses & levels creator; play with friends & online, get rewards & gear. A fresh breath in golf simulations. Should you buy it? Absolutely! Shorten your swing to try it!
Fan-art of Golf It!

Golf enthusiasts can revel in Golf It’s immersive minigolf experience as they traverse eight vibrant official courses, each with its own theme and challenges. With a rich level editor offering myriad objects and landscapes for course creation, players have the chance to build and share their unique designs within an engaged community workshop. Seasonal leaderboards incentivize continuous play while rewarding top performers with exclusive gear. The social aspect thrives as friends can compete solo or together amidst gatherings of up to 30+ participants, ensamoothing the path for everyone’s minigolf journey.

Should I play Golf It! in 2024?

The good

It seems that Golf It! has received an overwhelmingly positive response from reviewers. Many have praised it as a “proper golf experience” and praised its fun and laid-back nature, perfect for playing with friends or streaming to an audience.

The bad

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to criticize from the reviews provided. However, one reviewer did mention that they left their cat behind while playing, which might not be the most relevant critique – but it’s a fun quirk nonetheless!


So, should you still buy Golf It! in 2024? Absolutely! The sheer amount of positivity from reviewers makes it clear that this game is a breath of fresh air in the world of golf simulations. With its fun and accessible gameplay, Golf It! is a great choice for anyone looking to tee off with friends or online. Don’t let the absence of glaring issues hold you back – tee off with Golf It! and experience the fun for yourself!

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