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Immerse yourself in the cutthroat world of Cartel Tycoon, a gripping game set amidst '80s Latin America's drug trade dominance. Craft your own criminal saga, navigate threats, and maintain power. Will you rise to the top or meet a violent demise?
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Immerse yourself in the cutthroat world of Cartel Tycoon, a gripping game set amidst ’80s Latin America’s drug trade dominance. Craft your own criminal saga as you rise from modest beginnings to build an empire encompassing plantations, labs and smuggling networks. Navigate threats posed by rival gangs, the DEA, army, even the CIA while maintainebly laundering money, bribing officials, and securing loyalty from lieutenants. Experience the cycle of violence that leads to your inevitable demise but also opens a path for ascension through capable successors. Cartel Tycoon offers various modes: Story mode with an engaging narrative; Survival mode challenging players under permadeath conditions; and customizable Sandbox mode, where creativity flourishes without restrictions. Enjoy the game’s unique soundtrack that echoes its ’80s Latin American roots through psychedelic tunes.

Should I play Cartel Tycoon in 2024?

The good

The game has received widespread praise for its bright and oozing style, entertaining gameplay, and well-designed elements. Reviewers praise the game’s ability to create a fun and immersive experience. The game’s potential for replayability and depth is also highlighted.

The bad

Some reviewers have expressed frustration with the game’s limitations and mechanics. Some have mentioned difficulty with quest requirements, enemy cartel AI, and lack of clear instructions for certain game mechanics. Additionally, one reviewer has expressed disappointment with the game’s lack of development and potential exploitation by the devs’ closure.


So, should you buy Cartel Tycoon in 2024? While the game has immense potential and is a lot of fun to play, I’d advise against purchasing it. The studio’s closure means that any future updates or support are unlikely to materialize, and you might be supporting the wrong party instead of the devs. Instead, consider “borrowing” the game, and play it to your heart’s content. Just remember to treat yourself to the devs and the game’s original intent, not the ones who cut them down.

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