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Retro-inspired rally racing with colorful environments and satisfying drifting mechanics, perfect for fans of rally racing and competitive gameplay.
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Art of Rally is an exhilarating, retro-inspired rally game that transports players to the golden era of motorsport. Developed by Absolute Drift’s creators, this top-down racer pits drivers against each other in colorful and nostalgic environments from around the globe. Available are vintage cars from Group B, A, and S categories spanning 78 stages across six continents. Players of all skill levels can customize their experience with beginner-friendly options or expert driving modes featuring classic rally techniques like Scandinavian flicks and handbrake turns. Compete in daily and weekly challenges, strive for top positions on Leaderboards, and capture breathtaking moments using the built-hem Photograph mode.

Should I play art of rally in 2024?

The good

The reviewers love the game’s art style, calling it “so damn good” and praising the feeling of getting into a flow state with satisfying drifts. The soundtrack is also described as amazing. Additionally, the game’s arcade-like physics and competitiveness are well-regarded.

The bad

The only negative comment mentioning a “steep learning curve” is quickly dismissed, implying that the extra effort is worth it for the rewarding gameplay.


If you’re a fan of rally racing but found Dirt to be too complicated, Art of Rally is definitely worth a try. The well-designed arcade-like gameplay and satisfying drifting mechanics make for a great gaming experience. And, as a bonus, it runs smoothly on the Steam Deck! In 2024, Art of Rally remains a top choice for those seeking a fun and competitive racing experience.

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