X4: Foundations - Buyer's Guide

Immerse yourself in a space sandbox game with strategic gameplay, empire building, and hours of entertainment. Explore, battle, and manage resources in a game praised for its unique design and regular updates. Worth the investment for fans of space sims, empire building, and strategic gameplay.
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X4 is an expansive space sandbox game that simulates thousands of ships, stations, and empires on your PC. Players can start as lone pilots or managing vast empires, choose from various roles, relationships, and technologies to begin their journey in the universe. Fly every ship, pilot them personally or externally, and seamlessly transition between vessels with immersive cockpit experiences. In X4, players have full creative freedom to build space stations using modular parts, upgrade ships through a graphical editor, and design unique structures. Experience a dynamic universe where races expand based on supply and demand, influencing the course of everything within it. Manage your empire via an intuitive map interface, plan trade routes, coordinate fleet attacks, manage hierarchies, or dispatch exploration missions. X4 brings the most detailed economy in the series with resource-based NPC manufacturing for ships, weapons, and stations. Research teleportation technology from your HQ to jump between vessels faster, experiencuing critical situations first hand, while empowering AI pilots to continue following their pre-set orders.

Should I play X4: Foundations in 2024?

The good

One of the standout features of X4: Foundations is the sheer depth and immersive experience it offers. Many reviewers highlight the thrill of commanding your own fleet, participating in epic space battles, and managing an economic empire. The game’s open sandbox universe allows players to take on various roles, from a trader to a fleet commander, offering a diverse range of gameplay experiences. The developers, Egosoft, are noted for their active involvement and dedication, constantly improving the game and expanding its features through updates. Additionally, the modding community further enhances the game’s replayability and customization options.

The bad

However, X4: Foundations is not without its flaws. Several users mention the steep learning curve, complex and sometimes unintuitive UI, and occasional bugs that can disrupt the experience. The game’s AI can also be inconsistent, leading to some frustrating moments. The graphical performance and interface design also receive criticism, with some players finding the controls and navigation less than intuitive. Moreover, the game’s high entry barrier can be a significant hurdle for new players, although recent updates have improved the tutorial system.


Should you still buy or play X4: Foundations in 2024? Absolutely! 🚀 While it’s true that the game has a challenging learning curve and some quirks, the rich and immersive universe it offers is unparalleled. The dedication of the developers and the thriving modding community ensure that the game continues to evolve and improve. If you’re a fan of space simulations and are willing to invest some time to learn its systems, X4: Foundations promises an epic and rewarding space adventure. Dive in and conquer the stars! 🌌

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