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Embark on a thrilling journey across the Siberian wilderness in this immersive train simulation game. Experience the rush of driving a vintage Russian locomotive, overcoming obstacles and navigating treacherous routes. A must-play for fans of simulation games!
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Step into the rugged world of Siberia, where the wind whispers secrets of the wilderness. Take the reins of a vintage Russian locomotive, powerful and steadfast, as you embark on the longest railway line in the world. With the Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator, venture into the untamed terrain of Russia, braving the extremities of nature and the machinations of the mafia. As you navigate treacherous routes, managing the locomotive’s worn parts and fending off the corruption of the militia, remember to keep hunger, thirst, and hypothermia at bay. Chart your course through hunting, trading, and combat, and weather the tempests that rage across the Siberian steppes. Will you emerge triumphant, or succumb to the unforgiving landscape and the weight of responsibility? The Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator presents a challenge that will test the mettle of even the most seasoned adventurers.

Should I play Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator in 2024?

The good

The overall sentiment is overwhelmingly positive, with many reviewers praising the game’s realism, engaging gameplay, and great value for the price. Many players mention enjoying the sense of role-playing as a Russian freight train driver, and the game’s ability to immerse them in the experience. The game’s length, variety of stations, and cargo delivery options are also highlights. Some reviewers even mention the game’s good graphics and story.

The bad

A few reviewers mention some issues with optimization, with one player reporting a significant framerate drop on an RTX 3060ti. Another reviewer mentions that the game’s animation is basic, and there are suggestions for improving the character voices and add fluent Russian-speaking voice actors.


In conclusion, despite a few minor flaws, the overwhelming majority of reviews are glowing. The game’s unique blend of role-playing and train simulation is a major selling point, and the game’s value for money is unmatched. Even with some optimization issues and basic animation, the game is still a great choice for fans of simulation games. If you’re on the fence, take a chance and buy it – you might just find yourself hooked on the Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator!

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