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Immerse yourself in the world of ancient Egypt with Total War: Pharaoh, featuring fun gameplay mechanics, beautiful strategy maps, and historical accuracy. Worth a try, despite some optimization issues.
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Immerse yourself in the tumultuous world of ancient Egypt, where the Bronze Age Collapse looms and the fate of the pharaohs hangs in the balance. Lead your armies through treacherous battles, marred by sudden storms and ravaging fires. Craft a legendary leader among ten factions, each with unique playstyles and strengths. Shape the course of history through a sprawling campaign map, nestled within the sun-kissed Nile banks, rugged Anatolian peaks, and Canaan’s fertile valleys. Harness the power of customisation to redefine the very fabric of your campaign, and claim your place among the annals of history as the greatest pharaoh of all time.

Should I play Total War: PHARAOH in 2024?

The good

Total War: PHARAOH has garnered praise for its impressive attention to historical detail and innovative resource system. Fans of Egypt and the Bronze Age can find a lot to love, especially with the game’s modern graphics—having reached a level that some players likened to a Shogun 2 for the Egyptian setting. A number of players mentioned that the mechanics, like resource management and trade, feel more dynamic and realistic compared to older titles. Additionally, some users are optimistic about the game’s updates and development, noting a positive redemption arc and enjoyable gameplay.

The bad

However, the game isn’t without its flaws. Several users have highlighted issues with diplomacy and AI, pointing out that certain in-game systems conflict with each other and bugs that make diplomatic strategies ineffective. The combat system also received criticism for elements like useless flanking maneuvers and unimpactful chariots. Some players felt the game was more of a reskin of Total War: Troy rather than a fully fleshed-out new title, and the user interface was deemed confusing by some. Furthermore, the abrupt termination of development support has left a sour taste in the mouths of players who feel exploited.


Should you buy or play Total War: PHARAOH in 2024? 🚀 Well, let’s dissect it! If you’re a die-hard Total War enthusiast or a history buff with a penchant for Ancient Egypt, this title might just be your cup of Nile water despite its flaws. The game offers intriguing new features and stunning visuals that could make it worth your while. However, if you’re expecting a polished and bug-free experience, you might want to steer your chariots towards other Total War titles like Three Kingdoms or Warhammer. For the curious and genre fans, it’s a maybe—enter with eyes wide open and be ready for some rough edges. 🎮🛡️

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