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Dive into Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown, a medieval fantasy city-builder with real-time combat and choice-driven gameplay. Explore solo or in multiplayer. Should play? Yes!
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Dive into Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown, a captivating medieval fantasy city-builder that seamlessly blends real-time combat with impactful decision-making. As the new ruler of Aldamor’s survivors, you’ll venture to the mysterious land of Nysamor to establish a kingdom and build your legacy. Whether solo or in multiplayer with up to four players, your choices will shape the fate of your realm. Assign tasks, gather resources, construct buildings, and defend your territory through trade or warfare. Decisions you make will push you towards benevolence or tyranny, each with its own pros and cons. Thrive’s narrative event system immerses you in the rich world of Nysamor, revealing the true essence of the Waelgrim. This unknown land is rife with lush fields, diverse terrain, and possible conflicts as you vie for resources on a 4X-inspired world map. Engage AI villages and kingdoms, influencing them by fear or compassion. Battle alone or with friends, lay siege to castles, and confront fantastical creatures in intense RTS combat, but remember, the cost of war is high. Plan your city meticulously, build robust defenses, and create a formidable military to assert your dominance. Expand, trade, or confront others to ensure your kingdom’s survival in this harsh medieval reality. Join the discussion on the official Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown Discord and carve out your legacy.

Should I play Thrive: Heavy Lies The Crown in 2024?

The good

There don’t seem to be any glowing reviews or positive feedback just yet, but remember, sometimes no news is good news. The lack of initial reviews can mean that players haven’t formed a definitive opinion, which leaves the door wide open for unique experiences and discoveries.

The bad

With no user reviews available, it’s challenging to gauge any potential downsides or pitfalls of the game. Without player feedback, you might be stepping into uncharted waters, which can be both exciting and risky.


Should you still buy or play “Thrive: Heavy Lies The Crown” in 2024? The mystery surrounding the game due to the absence of reviews makes it a bit of a wild card. If you’re an adventurous gamer who loves to be among the first to explore new worlds and mechanics, it might be worth taking the plunge. However, if you prefer to tread more certain grounds and rely on the experiences of others, you might want to wait until more players have shared their thoughts. Happy gaming!

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