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Immerse yourself in Gilded Shadows' visually stunning world, weaving together solarpunk and cyberpunk elements with a captivating narrative and romance options. A must-play for fans of visual novels and storytelling.
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Gilded Shadows immerses players in an evocative visual novel that masterfully intertwines solarpunk and cyberpunk realms. The narrative unfolds across Arcalis, a planet marred by its starkly contrasting day and night zones, each housing intricate societies within colossal bio-domes. Players control Morgan Leone, an unexpected queen ranked Esper escaping relentless pursuit from various factions seeking her ESP abilities. The game presents six love interests to choose from in its initial release, with plans for nine total as downloadable content expands the experience. Customizable aspects of the protagonist and a rich storyline offer 30-40 hours of engaging content across multiple routes featuring at least three distinct endings each. A stunningly designed world is complemented by an official soundtrack composed by Tobi Weiss, adding depth to this captivating journey.

Should I play Gilded Shadows in 2024?

The good

The game has received almost universal acclaim, with reviewers praising the engaging story, impressive worldbuilding, and well-developed characters. The game’s art style may be unconventional, but it seems to have grown on players. The romantic relationships have also been well-received.

The bad

The most notable criticism is that the characters’ faces, specifically their lips, are similar, which might take some getting used to. However, this seems to be a minor complaint compared to the game’s many positives.


As a Game Review journalist, I’d say that Gilded Shadows is a must-play for fans of visual novels and storytelling. The game’s ability to weave together interconnected stories and create a rich world is truly impressive. While the art style may take some adjusting to, it’s clear that the developers aimed to create something unique and memorable. Overall, the positive reviews far outweigh the minor criticisms, making Gilded Shadows an excellent choice for anyone looking for a captivating gaming experience.

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