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Discover Cross Blitz, a strategic deck-building and roguelike game with colorful pixel art. Join charismatic heroes in a vast world, with over 200 cards and intricate storylines. Should you play it? Absolutely! Max 155-160 characters
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In Cross Blitz, embark on a thrilling adventure that combines strategic deck-building, roguelite gameplay, and a vast, colorful world to explore. Join charismatic heroes as they battle against formidable foes in this pixel art masterpiece, crafted by a passionate team that engages with their community every step of the way. With over 200 cards, intricate storylines, and endless replayability, Cross Blitz is a true gem for fans of strategy and role-playing games.

Should I play Cross Blitz in 2024?

The good

“Cross Blitz,” released at the end of 2023, has captured the hearts of many players with its charming presentation, fun gameplay, and satisfying deck-building mechanics. Gamers appreciate its blend of Hearthstone and Marvel Snap elements, but with the added advantage of being a single-player game. The ability to pause the game during emergencies due to its turn-based nature is a big plus.

Players are thrilled with the beautiful art, well-done animations, and excellent music. The game offers a depth of strategy with its constructed deck format and a roguelike mode reminiscent of Slay the Spire, providing plenty of content and replayability. The exciting campaigns, varied characters, and customization options keep players engaged for hours. Many reviewers have expressed enthusiasm for future updates from the developers.

The bad

Despite the overall positivity, some players have pointed out issues with the roguelike mode, particularly regarding the forced tavern hero selection, which is seen as a design flaw. This aspect appears to break immersion for some, making it difficult to build synergistic decks. Additionally, there are criticisms about the balancing of certain factions and characters in the roguelike mode, with some feeling that difficulty spikes are unfair and not well-tuned.


Should you still buy or play “Cross Blitz” in 2024? Absolutely! 🌟 The overwhelming positive sentiment indicates that this game is a hidden gem in the card battler genre. With engaging storytelling, strategic depth, and charming visuals, it offers hours of entertainment. While there are some minor gripes with the roguelike mode, these are overshadowed by the game’s strengths and the developers’ responsiveness to player feedback. Dive into “Cross Blitz” and experience one of the most promising deckbuilders out there! 🚀💥

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