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Explore the underworld, collect items and defy mortality in Death Must Die, a roguelite RPG with unique gods and item builds. Balance and polish in progress. Worth playing for fans of the genre, but expect some rough edges.
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Experience the epic struggle against mortality in Death Must Die, a roguelite RPG where you play as heroes backed by a pantheon of gods as they attempt to defeat the personified Death. Explore the underworld, discover ancient shrines, and collect unique items to create diverse builds. With over 100 god blessings and hundreds of items, every playthrough is unique. Unlock achievements and uncover the personal stories behind each hero as they defy the guardians, minions, and even Death itself to emerge victorious.

Should I play Death Must Die in 2024?

The good

The game has been praised for its innovative enemy design, appealing sprite-work, and feel of a Diablo 2, Hades, and Vampire Survivors mashup. It has a lot of potential, with a unique god system and a strong focus on character progression. Many reviewers have enjoyed the game’s initial release, calling it fun and rewarding.

The bad

However, some reviews highlight the game’s shortcomings. Many reviewers have criticized the game’s Act 2, calling it “ass” and saying it’s too grindy. Some have complained about the game’s randomness, saying the RPG elements can feel overly reliant on item drops and random stats. Others have mentioned frustration with the game’s talent system, saying it can feel locked or hard to understand.


Based on the reviews, it seems like Death Must Die has a lot of potential, but it’s still a work in progress. While it has some great elements, such as its innovative design and progression system, it’s clear that the game still has some growing pains. If you’re a fan of the genre, you might still want to give it a try, especially if you’re willing to overlook some of the game’s flaws. However, if you’re looking for a polished and perfected experience, you might want to wait for further updates and balance changes. Overall, I’d say give it a try if you’re a fan of the genre, but be prepared for some rough edges.

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