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Immerse in the parkour action game with STRIDE: Fates, but beware of disappointing gameplay, poor AI, and bugs. Expect poor graphics, voice acting, and confusing mechanics. Avoid this game and try a better option.
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STRIDE: Fates, the highly-anticipated sequel, elevates the parkour action game genre with its story-driven gameplay. Set in the dystopian Airon City, you play a character striving to survive and ascend the ranks of the elite SkyChase police force. Navigating through gang conflicts, family rivalries, corporate conspiracies, and illicit technology, your destiny intertwines with a diverse cast of characters. The game lets you experience life as a parkour-trained special ops officer, racing up buildings, darting through windows, and sliding down cables at breakneck speed, all while outsmarting enemies using gadgets and hacking abilities. The game’s setting ranges from grimy slums to opulent skyscrapers, offering stunning views and reflex-testing gameplay. The updated STRIDE Engine delivers enhanced graphics, physics, and interactivity, taking the gaming experience to new heights. Whether you’re engaged in combat, interacting with characters, or solving puzzles, you’ll appreciate the technological advancements. STRIDE: Fates serves as a standalone game that provides an immersive entry into the STRIDE universe, catering to everyone from story enthusiasts to fitness fanatics. Are you prepared to embody a parkour spec-ops officer?

Should I play STRIDE: Fates in 2024?

The good

  • Some reviewers found the gameplay to be varied and engaging, featuring stealth levels, puzzles, and physical interactions.
  • The graphics, although inconsistent in quality, were appreciated by several users for their style and immersion.
  • Many reviews highlighted that the parkour mechanics, despite some initial difficulty, became enjoyable and fluid once mastered.
  • The story and characters received mixed feedback but had moments of genuine engagement and humor, especially with the new voice acting.
  • The later parts of the game present a notable increase in difficulty, providing a satisfying challenge for dedicated players.

The bad

  • Many users were highly critical of the AI-generated assets and voice lines, which appeared to degrade the overall experience.
  • The controls have been described as janky and inconsistent, particularly with grabbing ledges and crouching.
  • Gunplay received poor feedback, with some users comparing it unfavorably to other VR titles.
  • Criticisms regarding the promotional art being potentially AI-generated and not representative of the in-game content.
  • Some users felt that the game’s $30 price point was not justified given its issues.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? 🤔 Based on the mixed reviews, it’s clear that STRIDE: Fates has both potential and significant flaws. Fans of the original STRIDE might find some enjoyment, especially if they can look past the AI-generated content and control issues. However, for the $30 price tag, it’s a more cautious recommendation. If you’re a VR enthusiast looking for a parkour-driven experience and willing to tolerate some rough edges, it could be worth a shot. For those seeking a polished, high-quality VR game out of the box, you might want to wait for updates or consider other titles. 🕹️

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