Street Fighter™ 6 - Buyer's Guide

Discover the latest installment of the Street Fighter series with new features & gameplay mechanics. Enjoy the immersive World Tour mode & Real Time Commentary. Read the review to learn if it's worth playing in 2024 with its pros & cons!
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Get ready to rumble with Capcom’s latest installment, Street Fighter 6, which drops on June 2, 2023. This futuristic fighting game boasts a bevy of new features, including 18 fighter designs, cinematic specials, and an innovative RE ENGINE-powered gameplay. Explore the streets of Metro City in the immersive World Tour mode, master a range of combat styles with Real Time Commentary, and strategize wisely with the Drive Gauge. And when the battle’s over, gather in the Battle Hub to socialize and compete with other players.

Should I play Street Fighter™ 6 in 2024?

The good

Street Fighter 6 has received widespread praise for its gameplay, with many reviewers enjoying the deeper mechanics and strategic thinking required to succeed. The game’s pace and emphasis on reading opponents have also been well-received. The addition of new control schemes and initiatives to make the game more accessible to newcomers have been appreciated.

The bad

Some reviewers have criticized the game’s microtransactions, citing issues with the fighter coins and the requirement to buy large bundles of coins rather than individual characters or items. The lack of transparency in the game’s store and the feeling of being forced to buy unnecessary items have also been grievances.

The ugly

A few reviewers have expressed frustration with the Ultimate Edition’s lack of classic skins included in the base package, only to be sold separately in the game. One reviewer even felt misled by the marketing and description of the Ultimate Edition, leading to a poor experience.


In conclusion, Street Fighter 6 is an excellent fighting game with engaging mechanics and a refreshing pace. However, the microtransactions and business model have left a sour taste in many players’ mouths. While the game itself is enjoyable, the greedy pricing and lack of transparency make it difficult to justify the full price. In 2024, I recommend waiting for a sale or taking advantage of the base game’s simplicity to have an enjoyable experience.

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