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Explore a demonic invasion in Tokyo as elite ninjas, known as taimanins, to retrieve a stolen bio-weapon. Hack-and-slash combat, customize skills and meet a diverse cast of characters. Should you play this game in 2024? Find out.
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In Tokyo, a mystical pact has been shattered, unleashing legions of demons upon the city. The government has formed a secret unit, comprised of elite ninjas known as the taimanins, to combat the demonic invasion. Tasked with retrieving a stolen bio-weapon, the taimanins must navigate treacherous syndicates and unexpected alliances. With hack-and-slash combat and customizable skills, players can unleash havoc on the forces of darkness. Meet a diverse cast of 3+ playable characters and 30+ lovable supporter characters from the Taimanin franchise, each with their own exclusive stories to be uncovered.

Should I play Action Taimanin in 2024?

The good

Unfortunately, there are no user reviews or overall sentiment to gather from. As a result, we can’t find any positive or specific points that players enjoy about the game.

The bad

The lack of user reviews suggests that there might be some aspect of the game that is discouraging players from writing about it. This could be due to various reasons such as poor gameplay, lack of engagement, or technical issues.


With no user reviews to draw from, it’s extremely difficult to recommend or advise on whether to buy this game. Without knowing what players are enjoying or finding frustrating, it’s hard to make an informed decision. I would advise waiting for more user reviews or further information about the game before considering a purchase.

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