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Immerse yourself in realistic street skating with Session: Skate Sim's authentic experience. Master tricks, customize, and curate your skateboarding adventures with a steep learning curve.
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Dive into the realistic world of street skating with Session: Skate Sim’s immersive experience that mirrors the thrill of mastering a kickflip. Utilize dual stick controls to simulate foot movement and weight transfer, emulating an authentic skateboarding session. With meticulous attention to physics and customization options galore, this game offers true ’90s street culture nostalgia for both novices and seasoned skaters alike. Unleash your creativity at iconic spots like Black Hubbas or FDR Park while capturing your stunts with classic 1990’s-style filters through an intuitive video editor. Experience the art of skating as you evolve from rider to filmmaker, curating footage that reflects your unique style and personality.

Should I play Session: Skate Sim in 2024?

The good

Session: Skate Sim has garnered significant praise for its realistic depiction of skateboarding, offering a challenging yet rewarding experience for players who are willing to invest the time to master its unique control system. It’s frequently compared favorably to other skateboarding games like Skater XL and Skate, often being described as the most realistic of the bunch. Many players find great enjoyment in the game, racking up hundreds of hours, and particularly love playing while listening to music or a podcast. For those who appreciate a deep, difficult skateboarding sim, Session delivers.

The bad

Despite the positive aspects, there are a number of criticisms. The most common complaints revolve around the game’s bugs and lack of meaningful updates since its release. Many players are frustrated by the developers’ focus on releasing paid DLC instead of addressing these issues. Some feel the game still has an “early access” feel due to unfinished features and persistent bugs. Additionally, the lack of a proper goofy stance and other gameplay polish has turned some enthusiasts away. The game can also run poorly, with issues like stuttering and inconsistent visuals creating a less enjoyable experience for some players.


So, should you jump into Session: Skate Sim in 2024? 🤔 If you are a die-hard skateboarding fan or someone who loves tough, realistic simulations, then yes, this game can provide hours of enjoyment. The core gameplay is solid and rewarding once you get the hang of it. However, be prepared to tolerate some ongoing bugs and a lack of new, substantive updates. If you’re looking for a more polished or feature-complete experience, you might want to hold off or consider other skateboarding games. But if you can find it on sale, it could be worth a shot! 🛹

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