REMNANT II® - Buyer's Guide

Explore post-apocalyptic worlds, battle formidable bosses, and master combat in Remnant II. Worth playing for fans of the series and those seeking a challenging experience.
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“Unleash your survival skills in Remnant II, where humanity teeters on the brink of extinction. This thrilling sequel challenges solo players or co-op teams to explore apocalyptic worlds, defeat formidable bosses, and master an arsenal of ranged and melee combat. Navigate unpredictable landscapes, unravel branching quest lines, and craft strategic item upgrades to overcome the relentless odds. As you delve into this immersive experience, multiple storylines and characters emerge, inviting multiple playthroughs and uncovering secrets. With each victory, your skills and Archetypes evolve, unlocking new paths and strategies to take on even the most daunting challenges. In Remant II, the battle for humanity’s survival is yours to win.”

Should I play REMNANT II® in 2024?

The good

  • Gunplay and flexible class system with high replay value.
  • Inspired blend of Resident Evil’s third-person gunplay, Soulsborne difficulty, and Metroidvania progression.
  • Engaging co-op gameplay, fun for friends.
  • Well-made visuals and gameplay, though challenging.
  • Expansive and fun world with challenging levels and bosses.

The bad

  • Several technical issues: crashes, bugs, HUD adjustments for Ultra-wide monitors, and untracked achievements.
  • Performance issues, notably poor optimization on high-end PCs.
  • Frustrating RNG and time-consuming grind for specific items/events.
  • Story and characters perceived as bland or predictable.
  • Puzzles can be unintuitive and buggy, leading to frustration.
  • Some find the spawn mechanics and enemy difficulty unbalanced.


Should you buy or play REMNANT II® in 2024? If you’re a fan of the first game or enjoy a mix of shooter mechanics with Soulslike elements, this game has a lot to offer. The combat is engaging, and the replay value is high thanks to the flexible class system and adventure mode. However, be prepared for potential technical glitches, performance hiccups, and a bit of a grind for certain items.

Ultimately, if you can grab it on sale and are willing to overlook some bugs and frustrations, you’ll likely find a highly enjoyable co-op experience. Just keep in mind it may not be perfect, but the fun you can have with friends makes it worth a shot. 🎮🔥

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