Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack - Buyer's Guide

Discover the immersive adventures in Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack, introducing 5 iconic animals & authentic Pacific island scenery. A must-have for fans, despite minor flaws. Explore and build your own zoo today!
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Dive into an immersive adventure with Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack! Venture across magnificent archipelagos, absorbing the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of Pacific islands. This pack introduces five iconic animals such as the North Island brown kiwi, Tasmanian devil, little penguin, quokka, and spectacled flying fox into your zookeeping realm. Over 200 bespo groomed scenery pieces infused with Polynesian tradition provide a rich tapestry for these creatures to thrive in.Embark on an exciting campaign scenario alongside Bernie Goodwin and his daughter, Emma, as you build their new wildlife park atop the sun-drenched Oceania island paradise. Navigate this familial challenge by helping them create a sanctuary that respects both the animals’ needs and Pacific heritage.

Should I play Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack in 2024?

The good

The Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for its biodiverse and well-crafted habitat animals, including a dasyurid, penguin, paleognathe, and macropod. The pack also features a fantastic soundtrack, impressive plants, and a versatile building set for constructing authentic zoo habitats.

The bad

Minor criticisms include some stereotypical and potentially culturally insensitive scenery, as well as a few minor audio issues with the Tassie devil’s sounds. There are also some limitations with nocturnal animal behaviors in the game, which affects the kiwi’s diurnal habits.


In conclusion, the Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack is a must-have for fans of the game. Despite some minor flaws, the pack’s attention to detail, authenticity, and impressive animal designs make it an excellent addition to the game. Even with the minor issues, the pack’s overall quality and charm far outweigh its shortcomings. With its incredible soundtrack, impressive plants, and well-crafted animals, this pack is a worthwhile investment for any Planet Zoo enthusiast. As the reviewer themselves stated, it’s “worth it for how well done the kiwi is alone.” So, if you’re looking to expand your zoo-building experience, look no further than the Oceania Pack.

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