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Embark on a post-apocalyptic rebuilding adventure in My Time at Sandrock. Explore, craft, and battle monsters in a charming farming simulator. But be aware, it's not without controversy.
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Step into the world of My Time at Sandrock, where a post-apocalyptic landscape awaits. As a new builder, you’ll rebuild the wild city-state of Sandrock, forging bonds with quirky residents, crafting innovative items, and battling monsters. Explore ancient ruins, process resources, and unravel the town’s mysteries. With a rich story, dynamic combat, and multiplayer features, Sandrock offers a fresh yet familiar experience for fans of My Time at Portia.

Should I play My Time at Sandrock in 2024?

The good

Most reviewers found the game to be enjoyable and engaging, praising its unique blend of farming, crafting, and exploration. Many appreciated the game’s charming characters, storyline, and voice acting. The game’s building and customization options were also a highlight for some players.

The bad

Some reviewers were disappointed by the game’s clunky camera controls, awkward animations, and lack of refinement in certain mechanics. Others felt that the game’s building and customization options were limited, and that the loot system was underwhelming. A few reviewers noted that the game had a steep learning curve, particularly for those who didn’t enjoy the previous game in the series.

The ugly

A few reviewers were heavily critical of the game’s business practices, accusing the developers of prioritizing profit over player enjoyment. One reviewer felt that the game’s greedy monetization tactics and lack of transparency around DLC and microtransactions crossed a line. Another reviewer felt that the game’s update had somehow made the game worse rather than better.


Despite some criticisms, the overall sentiment around My Time at Sandrock is extremely positive. If you’re a fan of farming simulators, you’ll likely find this game to be an enjoyable and engaging experience. The game’s charming characters, storyline, and voice acting make it stand out from other games in the genre. While the game has some rough edges, the majority of reviewers felt that the game’s pros far outweigh its cons. If you’re looking for a new farming simulator to sink your teeth into, My Time at Sandrock is definitely worth checking out. Just be aware that the game’s business practices may not align with your values.

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