My Time at Sandrock - Monster Whisperer - Buyer's Guide

Discover the captivating world of Sandrock where you'll charm and capture adorable creatures, creating a fresh and delightful experience with every new pet. Overwhelmingly positive reviews praise cute designs, fun gameplay and affordable price. Try it in 2024 for endless joy!
Fan-art of My Time at Sandrock - Monster Whisperer

In this enchanting adventure, venture to Sandrock, where you’ll employ expert tools to enthrall and capture a delightful assortment of endearing creatures. Through this captivating journey, forge strong bonds with each mesmerizing monster, revolutionizing your workshop expedition with a fresh and captivating experience.

Should I play My Time at Sandrock - Monster Whisperer in 2024?

The Good

The overall sentiment from reviewers is overwhelmingly positive, praising the game’s new mechanics, cute monster designs, and the sense of satisfaction from leveling up and using the pets in battles. Reviewers are thrilled with the value-for-money aspect, considering the DLC is cheap and doesn’t feel like a necessary purchase.

The Bad

There aren’t many negative aspects mentioned in the reviews, but some players do note that maintaining the pets’ levels and abilities can be time-consuming. However, this is not seen as a major drawback.


So, should you buy My Time at Sandrock - Monster Whisperer in 2024? Absolutely! The reviews suggest that this DLC is a delightful addition to the game, offering a fresh and engaging experience. With its cute monster designs, fun gameplay mechanics, and reasonable price tag, this DLC is a must-have for fans of the series. The value for money is undeniable, and the potential for endless fun is guaranteed. In 2024, give this DLC a spin and experience the joy of being a monster whisperer!

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