Mocap Fusion [ VR ] - Buyer's Guide

Discover Mocap Fusion's VR motion capture sandbox, ideal for animators and artists. Features VR equipment fusion, sensor support, and scene reconstruction. Read our verdict: is it worth playing in 2024?
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Motion Capture Fusion [VR] serves as a cutting-edge, immersive mocap sandbox, designed specifically for artists and animators. Utilizing common VR equipment, users can craft and export motion capture animations or produce live content. The game supports the fusion of multiple sensors, such as Apple IPhone Truedepth sensor and Oculus Quest 2 optical finger tracking, to capture a wide range of movements. It offers a unique feature of exporting motion capture data and reconstructing the scene in Blender for quick rendering. The game was originally intended to facilitate the creation of virtual training videos and presentations in a highly immersive VR setting, and has since expanded its utility based on community feedback and feature requests.

Should I play Mocap Fusion [ VR ] in 2024?

The Good

While the app has some potential, users seem to like the overall experience, as long as you’re willing to invest in compatible devices. The app supports virtual cameras, which is a nice feature, albeit buggy.

The Bad

However, the device compatibility limitations are a major letdown. The lack of full-body tracking and virtual camera issues will likely frustrate many users. The setup process can be clunky, especially when trying to configure cameras in wire mode.


Should you still buy Mocap Fusion in 2024? In all honesty, it’s a tough sell. While it has some unique features, the limitations and bugs might be a barrier to entry for many players. If you have the necessary compatible devices and are willing to tolerate the issues, you might get some enjoyment out of it. But for most, I’d recommend waiting for a more polished iteration or exploring other VR motion capture options. For now, this one’s a hard pass.

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