Icarus: New Frontiers Expansion - Buyer's Guide

Explore Icarus' untamed wilderness, uncover secrets, and survive alien landscapes. Engaging open-world crafting experience with no major flaws. Worth checking out!
Fan-art of Icarus: New Frontiers Expansion

Step into Prometheeus within the expansive universe of New Frontiers - Icarus’ untamed wilderness that defies terraforming efforts and reveals its unique biomes: Volcanic, Swamp, and Alien Grasslands. Navigate through these alien landscapes with limited visibility amidst the flowing lava of volcanos or perilous marshes, offering high-risk, high-reward experiences unlike any other in Icarus. Embark on six interconnected narrative missions to uncover secrets hidden within Prometheus’ shadows as you follow a mysterious whistleblower for the UDA.

Encounter mutated and alien creatures that have never before been seen, including Needlers, Dracs, Dreadwings, among others. These foreign fauna will challenge your survival skills as they dominate the food chain in this uncharted territory. Moreover, a groundbreaking Volatile Exotic discovery is changing everything - from local flora interactions to a plethora of rare crafting materials like Obsidian and Scoria.

With over 100 new items at your disposal, New Frontiers offers prospectors unparalleled opportunities in weaponry, gear, food recipes, and building resources. Join us as we delve deeper into the alien world of Prometheus - where danger lurks around every corner.

Should I play Icarus: New Frontiers Expansion in 2024?

The good

Players are raving about the game’s engaging open-world crafting experience, with a well-balanced progression path that offers a good challenge without being too punishing. Many reviewers have fallen in love with the game, saying it’s easy to lose track of time and forget about everything else because it’s just so much fun!

The bad

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything significantly negative to report from the review pile. It seems like the game has struck a perfect balance between fun and challenge, with no major flaws or complaints to speak of.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for an amazing open-world crafting experience with great co-op potential, Icarus: New Frontiers Expansion is definitely worth checking out! With a virtually flawless track record, this game has earned its place as a top contender in the genre. So grab some friends, get ready to craft, explore, and have the time of your life – and don’t say I didn’t warn you when you lose all sense of time and space!

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