Hellsplit: Arena - Buyer's Guide

Immerse in VR horror-slasher Hellsplit: Arena, battling undead with realistic combat & lifelike injuries. Well-received, but beware of reported crashes.
Fan-art of Hellsplit: Arena

Immerse yourself in the terrifyingly realistic world of the late Middle Ages in this VR horror-slasher game, where you battle against the undead. The game’s violence is unflinchingly realistic, featuring a wide range of combat techniques from stabs and slashes to blunt force blows. Every battle’s outcome is solely dependent on your skill and stamina. The game’s unique gameplay bridges the gap between player and character, creating a full-fledged avatar that mimics your movements. Experience physically accurate battles equipped with authentic medieval weaponry, and feel the impact of each strike through the game’s lifelike injury system, including surface wounds and dismemberment. The game offers an engaging campaign, additional modes, and an in-game achievement system. This is a true room scale VR experience, requiring players to stand and have the ability to move in a 1.5 x 1.5 meter area. High-quality graphics and sound design enhance the chilling atmosphere of this dark fantasy world.

Should I play Hellsplit: Arena in 2024?

The good

It seems that the game is well-received overall, with a Very Positive sentiment from the majority of reviewers.

The bad

Unfortunately, one reviewer has experienced significant issues with the game’s performance, including frequent crashes, despite having a powerful GPU (4080) and CPU (AMD Ryzen 7900X). It’s unclear if this is a common issue or a one-off, but it’s definitely a concern for those considering purchasing the game.


Unfortunately, while Hellsplit: Arena seems to have some great qualities, the reported crashes could be a significant turn-off for potential buyers. If you’re considering purchasing this game, you may want to wait and see if the developers address these issues in future updates or bug fixes. If you’re aware of these problems and are willing to take the risk, then go for it! However, for those with less powerful hardware or more sensitive systems, you might want to tread carefully or look into other options.

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In-game Screenshot

Screenshot of Hellsplit: Arena

Top image is not real in-game screenshots. Fan-art made by Gamer.se. Some game metadata is coming from RAWG