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Experience VR combat with 100s of weapons & customisation options. Fast-paced missions & target practice. Worth playing for fans of casual missions & sandbox gameplay, but lacks diverse missions & scoreboard features
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Experience the thrill of wielding the world’s most formidable firearms in Gun Club VR, a game that blends gripping gameplay with an unparalleled sense of realism to create the ultimate virtual weapons simulation. The only element absent is the scent of spent gunpowder. With the Allied Update, Gun Club VR immerses players in the historical setting of World War II, introducing an entirely new environment filled with numerous new weapons and events to explore and master.The game boasts a remarkable level of authenticity. Gun Club VR’s weapon models, based on actual ballistics, are highly detailed and fully interactive, offering an incredibly realistic experience. Whether you’re disengaging the safety, choosing between burst or full auto, extending the stock, or clearing a round by racking the slide, Gun Club VR offers a comprehensive gun range experience.The game offers a vast array of weapons to choose from. From pistols and SMGs to shotguns, assault rifles, and grenade launchers, you can handle dozens of the world’s most iconic weapons, all meticulously designed with complete interactivity.The game also allows for extensive customisation. You can unlock hundreds of various weapon attachments and upgrades. The picatinny rail system offers unlimited customization possibilities, from stocks and scopes to extended magazines and laser sights, allowing you to tailor your weapons to suit any situation.Gun Club VR also offers a variety of interactive range scenarios, from hostage rescue missions to the terrifying zombie apocalypse. For those who prefer a purist shooting experience, there’s the traditional target range, free of time constraints or scores, where it’s just you and your weapon.

Should I play Gun Club VR in 2024?

The good

Gun Club VR has received positive reviews for its variety of attachment upgrades, reload simulator, large number of missions, and score attack features for replay value. The game’s community rating is also mostly positive.

The bad

Some reviewers have mentioned that the game can be repetitive, with too many similar missions to progress. Others have noted that the game lacks diverse missions and scoreboard features.


While Gun Club VR has some flaws, it’s still worth playing for fans of casual mission and sandbox gameplay. If you’re looking for a game with diverse missions and scoreboard features, this might not be the best choice. With a mostly positive community rating and fMeter score of B+, I would recommend giving this game a try if you’re interested in VR shooting experiences. Just be aware of the repetitive mission structure and limited replay value.

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