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Discover Galacticare, a charming hospital simulation game with top-notch graphics, soundtracks, and writing. Praised for its sense of humor and engaging gameplay. Despite minor complaints, play it and find out why reviewers rave about it!
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As the director of Galacticare, an intergalactic healthcare company, manage your hospital and staff of doctors with unique personalities. Treat a diverse range of patients from planet-based crises to space-based prisons, while recruiting consultants with special skills to aid in discovery and treatment of alien diseases. Optimize hospital performance with holographic doctors, teleporters, and subspace portals, striving to increase your hospital’s rating and save the galaxy one patient at a time.

Should I play Galacticare in 2024?

The good

Galacticare has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from gamers. Many reviewers have praised the game’s ability to capture the same sense of humor and charm as classic games like Evil Genius and Dungeon Keeper. The game’s graphics, soundtracks, and voice acting have all been praised as top-notch. The game’s sense of humor and writing have also been widely praised, with many reviewers noting that the game feels like a loving homage to earlier games in the genre.

The bad

Some reviewers have noted that the game can be a bit too easy, with some players able to achieve perfect scores without much difficulty. A few reviewers have also reported some bugs, such as stuttering and scrolling issues.


Should you still buy or play Galacticalare in 2024? In a word, yes. Despite a few minor complaints about the game being too easy and some bugs, the overwhelming majority of reviewers have praised the game for its charm, humor, and engaging gameplay. If you’re a fan of games like Two Point Hospital, Startopia, or earlier games in the genre, you’ll likely find a lot to love in Galacticare. So, go ahead and give it a try!

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