Duck Season - Buyer's Guide

Experience a nostalgic horror VR game with a Spielberg-esque world, multiple endings, and Easter eggs. Worth playing despite minor technical issues on SteamVR.
Fan-art of Duck Season

In the scorching summer of ‘88, your mother brings home the newest game for your beloved Kingbit Entertainment System. As you delve into the game, it becomes clear that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill arcade. Duck Season is a nostalgic nod to the golden era of 80s gaming and cinema, infusing a hint of horror into a Spielberg-esque world. Experience a piece of your past as you’re catapulted into a chillingly familiar memory, where you navigate the sinister narrative that unravels in a 24-hour cycle. The game boasts seven distinctive endings, a collection of mini-games for your Kingbit, numerous Easter eggs and hidden secrets, lifelike virtual environments, a series of short films on VHS tapes, and a handful of enigmatic subplots to keep you guessing.

Should I play Duck Season in 2024?

The good

The overall sentiment from reviewers is very positive. They had an amazing time playing Duck Season, praising its fun and immersive VR experience. They enjoyed the mix of shooting the dog and calling the police on him, the scary aspects, and the surprising twists and turns. Reviewers were impressed by the secret endings and the random zombie mode, calling the game “amazing,” “super fun,” and “one of their favorite horror games.”

The bad

The game does have some technical issues, mainly with SteamVR, causing it to crash frequently. However, this seems to be the only major drawback mentioned by reviewers.


So, should you still buy and play Duck Season in 2024? If you’re a fan of VR, horror games, or just looking for a unique experience, then yes, it’s still worth picking up. The fun and immersive gameplay outweigh the minor technical issues, making it a great addition to any gaming library. Just be prepared for some crashes and maybe try to troubleshoot or patch up those issues.

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