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Embark on a thrilling journey of discovery and mystery in Beyond the Tides, a captivating nautical adventure. Explore the depths of the ocean, unravel secrets of the past, and survive the harsh realities of the sea.
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In a remote archipelago, embark on a thrilling journey of discovery and mystery in Beyond the Tides, a captivating nautical adventure that beckons players to explore the depths of the ocean and unravel the secrets of the past. As the captain of a rusty old fishing trawler, navigate through treacherous waters, navigate ancient ruins, and dive into the mysteries of the abyss. Delve into the murky depths, uncover hidden treasures, and piece together the dark history of this enigmatic region. Each island holds its own stories, hidden dangers lurk beneath the surface, and an otherworldly presence lurks in the mist-shrouded night skies. Manage your fleet, gather resources, and make crucial decisions to survive the harsh realities of the sea. Will you uncover the truth or succumb to the shadows? Take the helm and venture into the unknown.

Should I play DREDGE in 2024?

The good

Dredge is a unique and captivating game that combines elements of fishing and adventure. The game’s aesthetic is stunning, with vibrant colors and intricate details that make it a visual treat. The sound design is also impressive, with a haunting soundtrack and immersive sound effects that draw you into the game. The game’s story is engaging, with a slowly unfolding mystery that keeps you curious and invested. The fishing mechanics are smooth and responsive, making it a joy to cast your line and reel in your catch. The mini-games are an added bonus, offering a fun and challenging alternative to the main fishing gameplay.

The game’s atmosphere is also worth mentioning. The sense of unease and foreboding that pervades the game is expertly crafted, making you feel like you’re always on edge. The way the game uses lighting and shadows to create an eerie atmosphere is particularly noteworthy. The game’s setting is also fascinating, with a mysterious and isolated world that’s full of secrets and hidden dangers.

The bad

Unfortunately, the game’s length is a major drawback. While the gameplay is engaging and enjoyable, the game is quite short, and the lack of replay value is a concern. The game’s difficulty is also uneven, with some sections feeling too easy and others feeling frustratingly hard.

Additionally, some players may find the game’s pace a bit too slow, especially for those who are used to more fast-paced games. The game’s camera system can also be finicky at times, making it difficult to get a clear view of your surroundings.


Overall, Dredge is a fascinating and captivating game that’s well worth playing, despite its limitations. While it may not be perfect, the game’s unique blend of gameplay, atmosphere, and story make it a standout title. Fans of adventure and exploration games will find much to love here, and even casual players may find themselves drawn in by the game’s eerie atmosphere and engaging story. If you’re looking for a game that will challenge you and leave you feeling uneasy, then Dredge is definitely worth a try.

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