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Lead a prehistoric settlement through 10,000 years of history in Dawn of Man. Manage resources, build, and evolve while facing survival challenges. A must-try for strategy enthusiasts!
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Dawn of Man, a captivating survival/city-builder by the makers of Planetbase, invites players to lead a settlement of early humans through over 10,000 years of prehistory, from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. In this challenging game, players must guide their people to hunt animals for food and resources, gather essential materials from the environment, and plan wisely for the changing seasons. With a focus on expansion and evolution, players must build homes, fortifications, and tools, while also researching technologies to support a growing population. The game also showcases the remarkable achievements of ancient humans, allowing players to construct megalithic structures and control nature through farming and animal domestication. Dawn of Man offers a rich and immersive experience of human survival and advancement through the ages.

Should I play Dawn of Man in 2024?

The good

Gamers are praising “Dawn of Man” for its engaging caveman simulation, which effectively combines elements from popular survival sims with a prehistorical twist. The customizable UI and usually reliable AI have been highlighted positively, making the game approachable and easy to navigate. Players also appreciate the game’s in-engine encyclopedia, which contributes to an immersive and informative experience. The overall historical progression and strategic colony management aspects are well-received, providing a thoughtful and enjoyable time-killer.

The bad

Some players have pointed out issues with the AI, particularly relating to resource management and sudden collapses due to starvation. This recurring problem seems to frustrate those who invest significant time into building their settlements. Additionally, a few users have expressed disappointment over the infrequency of updates and have mentioned that the game may not offer enough content to justify its price.


“Dawn of Man” has received a very positive overall review sentiment, indicating that most players find it to be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. While there are some concerns about the AI and content depth, these do not overwhelmingly detract from the game’s charm and strategic appeal. If you’re a fan of survival sims with a historical twist, this game is still a solid pick for 2024. Just be prepared for some potential AI quirks, and maybe keep an eye out for patches or updates that could address these issues. Happy caveman-ing!

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