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Immerse yourself in Cuphead's challenging run-and-gun gameplay, stunning 1930s cartoons-style visuals, and jazz-infused soundtrack. Worth playing for fans of action-adventure games and unique art styles, but be prepared for a steep difficulty curve.
Fan-art of Cuphead

In Cuphead, a shot-in-the-arm for fans of classic run-and-gun action, players embark on a perilous journey through a bygone era. Inspired by the opulent aesthetic of 1930s cartoons, the game’s visuals and audio are meticulously crafted to evoke the same time-honored techniques of the era. Each frame is painstakingly hand-drawn in the style of traditional cel animation, while dreamy watercolor backgrounds transport you to worlds both whimsical and foreboding. But it’s not all about looks - the game’s original jazz recordings set the tone for a thrilling adventure. Taking on the roles of either Cuphead or Mugman, either solo or with a partner in local co-op, you’ll explore mysterious realms, master new firearms, and unravel the secrets hidden within. Your goal? Pay back your debt to the devil himself. Will you be able to wriggle free from the grasp of the underworld’s most sinister inhabitants, or will you succumb to the darkness that lurks within?

Should I play Cuphead in 2024?

The good

Cuphead is a retro-style run-and-gun game that has received widespread praise for its challenging gameplay, unique art style, and excellent sound design. The game’s visuals are stunning, with meticulously crafted 1930s cartoon-style animations, and the soundtrack is a jazz and big band-infused masterpiece. The game’s replayability is also high, with multiple endings and DLC content to explore.

The bad

Some players have noted that the game’s difficulty can be overwhelming, with many reporting frustration and even hair-pulling-worthy moments. Additionally, the game’s randomized boss battles can be unpredictable and feel unfair at times.


Despite its challenges, Cuphead is a must-play for fans of challenging gameplay and unique art styles. The game’s nostalgic charm and expertly crafted levels and boss battles make it a true masterpiece. While it may not be for everyone due to its steep difficulty curve, Cuphead is definitely worth trying out if you’re looking for a thrilling and rewarding gaming experience.

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Screenshot of Cuphead

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