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Explore the treacherous snow-capped mountain with 2 players in Bread & Fred, overcoming obstacles and mastering swinging & climbing. Overlook technical issues for a unique gaming experience, should you play it in 2024?
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In the cooperative platformer Bread & Fred, two players must endeavor to conquer the treacherous ascent of a snow-capped mountain. As Bread and Fred, the unlikely duo must work together to navigate treacherous terrain, mastering the delicate art of swinging and climbing to reach the ultimate summit. With each precarious leap and hanging maneuver, players must learn to communicate and coordinate their actions to avoid the precipitous dropoffs and unforgiving slopes. But without the stability of solid ground, the slippery slope of failure looms large. Nonetheless, veterans of the precipitous peak will relish the chance to test their mettle in speedrun mode, competing with fellow adventurers to claim the coveted title of reigning champion – the best of the best to scale the mighty mountain.

Should I play Bread & Fred in 2024?

The good

Many reviewers loved the game’s unique concept and cute design. They enjoyed playing it with friends, both online and offline. They also appreciated the game’s challenging gameplay and the sense of accomplishment when overcoming obstacles.

The bad

However, several reviewers encountered technical issues such as online co-op instability, ping problems, and UI/UX bugs. Some players experienced frustrating connectivity issues and glitches during online multiplayer sessions. Others reported difficulties with controller input and a lack of responsiveness.


Based on the reviews, it seems that Bread & Fred is a great game if you’re willing to overlook some technical issues. If you’re a patient player who doesn’t mind restarting the game due to occasional connectivity problems, you’ll enjoy the game’s charm and challenge. However, if you’re sensitive to technical issues or rely heavily on online multiplayer, you may want to wait for patches or look into single-player or couch co-op options.

For 2024, I still recommend playing Bread & Fred, but with a grain of salt. Be prepared for the possibility of some frustrating technical difficulties, and try to find a friend with a stable internet connection to minimize lag. If you’re patient and willing to adapt, you’ll find a unique and enjoyable gaming experience.

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