Party Animals - Buyer's Guide

Explore Party Animals, a charming game perfect for friends & family, with 100+ unique interactions & ragdoll mechanics. Find out if it's paw-some enough to join your game library!
Fan-art of Party Animals

In Party Animals, forge unforgettable bonds with friends through 100+ unique ways to interact, tease, and collaborate. Join forces to take down others, or gang up on a single opponent in the quest for gummy bear supremacy.

Should I play Party Animals in 2024?

The good

  • Fun with Friends: Most reviewers agree that the game is an absolute blast when played with friends. The hilarious, chaotic nature of the gameplay is a big hit.
  • Cute and Unique Characters: The variety of adorable animal characters and skins is widely praised, adding charm and uniqueness to the gaming experience.
  • Local Play and Friends Pass: The addition of local play and the friends pass are highly appreciated features, allowing more people to join the fun.
  • Hilarity Ensues: Many players mention how funny and entertaining the game can be, with anecdotes of launching friends off platforms or slapping them with fish.

The bad

  • Recent Patch Issues: A significant portion of the negative reviews focuses on the recent patch that removed advanced mechanics, which some players feel has negatively impacted the gameplay.
  • Community and Pairing Issues: Concerns about toxic community behavior and unfair player pairing were noted.
  • Monetization Gripes: Some players are unhappy with the in-game currency system and paid item shops.
  • Technical Issues: Problems with local split-screen functionality and bot infestations were flagged by a few users.


Should you buy or play Party Animals in 2024? 🎉 Absolutely! If you’re looking for a hilariously chaotic game to play with friends, Party Animals is your go-to choice. The adorable characters and the sheer fun of unscripted moments make it well worth the price. While recent updates have ruffled some feathers, it’s clear that the core experience is still very much enjoyable. Just be ready to navigate a few quirks and perhaps some grind-y monetization. Get ready to punch your friends—and maybe lose a few in the process! 😅🐒🦦

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Screenshot of Party Animals

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