Command: Modern Operations - Buyer's Guide

Prepare for a realistic and complex war gaming experience with Command: Modern Operations. With a steep learning curve and a mixed community, is it worth playing in 2024?
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Get ready to command the ultimate modern warfare experience with Command: Modern Operations. This latest iteration boasts a revamped user interface, improved performance, and fresh features like the Quick Battle Generator and customizable aircraft formations. Dive into a sprawling map library with real-time zooming and pans, set amidst the throes of post-WW2 and 21st-century conflicts. With millions of scenarios, expanded simulation mechanics, and a focus on realism, Command: Modern Operations promises a robust and engaging gaming experience.

Should I play Command: Modern Operations in 2024?

The Good

The game has received praise for its realism and complexity, with users praising its ability to simulate war gaming in a comprehensive and strategic way. The game’s mechanics have been praised for their authenticity, with users appreciating the attention to detail in weapon systems and equipment. The game has also been praised for being engaging and challenging, with users noting that it requires research and strategy to play effectively.

The Bad

The game has received criticism for its steep learning curve, with users noting that it takes time and effort to fully understand the game’s mechanics. Some users have also expressed frustration with the game’s community and development team, citing a lack of updates and communication.


So, should you buy this game in 2024? While the game has its flaws, its unique blend of realism and complexity makes it a standout in the war gaming genre. If you’re a fan of strategy and are willing to invest time in learning the game’s mechanics, then Command: Modern Operations is definitely worth considering. Just be prepared for a steep learning curve and some frustration along the way. Just keep in mind that the game’s community and development team seem to be in a bit of a state, so don’t expect frequent updates or support. Overall, I’d recommend this game to fans of strategy and war gaming, but approach with caution.

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