F1® Manager 2024 - Buyer's Guide

Guide your F1 team to the top of the grid in F1 Manager 2024. Manage personnel, facilities, and car development over multiple seasons. Should you play it? Uncertainty abounds due to lack of player reviews.
Fan-art of F1® Manager 2024

In F1 Manager 2024, guide your team to the top of the Formula 1 grid by making tactical decisions on track and managing your team’s personnel, facilities, and car development over multiple seasons. Create your own team, negotiate with sponsors, and balance the needs of your staff and drivers as you forge a legacy in the world of F1. With a new mentorship system, improved track visuals, and enhanced replay features, this comprehensive management experience promises to deliver the most realistic and engaging F1 simulation to date.

Should I play F1® Manager 2024 in 2024?

The good

Unfortunately, there are no user reviews yet, which means we don’t have any feedback from players who have already experienced the game. This is quite unusual, as new games usually generate some buzz and reviews shortly after release.

The bad

The lack of reviews is a major concern. We don’t know what players think of F1 Manager 2024, which is crucial in deciding whether to spend time and money on the game. The absence of reviews leaves us with more questions than answers.


The lack of reviews is a significant red flag. As much as we’d love to provide a verdict, we can’t give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down without some insight into the game’s quality. Fans of F1 and strategy games might be eager to dive in, but I’d advise waiting until more feedback trickles in. For now, it’s impossible to say whether F1 Manager 2024 is worth the investment.

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In-game Screenshot

Screenshot of F1® Manager 2024

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