Card Survival: Tropical Island - Buyer's Guide

Embark on a survival adventure on a tropical island, crafting, exploring, and building while facing challenges and unique mechanics. Should you play it? Discover the verdict and find out.
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Embark on a captivating survival adventure in ‘Card Survival: Tropical Island,’ crafted by the minds behind Card Quest. Trapped on an isolated desert island, you’ll experience life through cards as you explore diverse terrains like beaches and jungles to thrive amidst challenging conditions. Engage with a variety of wildlife, from prey to domesticated animals, while learning about their culinary and medicinal uses. Dive into an intricate health system that simulletechnical injuries, illnesses, and psychological states as you strive for survival on this vast island.

Should I play Card Survival: Tropical Island in 2024?

The Good

Gamers have fallen in love with the game’s unique survival mechanics, customization options, and depth. The ability to craft, explore, and build has captivated players, and many have spent hours playing the game. The game’s setting, tropical island, and day/night cycles have also drawn praise.

The Bad

The UI (user interface) has been severely criticized for being too big, causing eye strain, and making navigation difficult. The game’s graphics, although novel, have also been panned for being subpar. Some have expressed frustration with the crafting mechanics, which can be convoluted and prone to errors.


Despite its flaws, Card Survival: Tropical Island has captured the hearts of many players. If you’re a fan of survival games and can overlook the UI issues, you’ll find a game that offers a unique experience. However, if you’re sensitive to UI problems or graphics, you might want to cautiously approach this game. Take it from a reviewer who initially purchased the game skeptically, but ended up agreeing with the positive review scores.

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