Call of the Wild: The Angler™ - Buyer's Guide

Embark on an immersive open-world fishing experience with realistic behavior and challenging AI. Explore varied environments, master fishing techniques, and customize your angler's appearance. However, the game falls short in other areas with glitches and repetition.
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Embark on an immersive open-world fishing experience inspired by real-life locations. Explore varied environments, from serene lakes to rugged coastlines, and master different fishing techniques to catch magnificent species. With realistic behavior and challenging AI, every trip is a unique adventure. Discover hidden gems, unlock new tackle, and customize your angler’s appearance. Join friends or venture solo in online multiplayer for up to 12 players, or enjoy a peaceful solo experience. As the game’s community-driven development continues, regular updates and new content will ensure a lifelong fishing experience.

Should I play Call of the Wild: The Angler™ in 2024?

The good

The game seems to have a strong focus on fishing, and many reviewers enjoy the experience of fishing all day. The game also has a unique “fishing-simulator” aspect that allows players to feel like they’re actually fishing.

The bad

Some reviewers feel frustrated with the game’s occasional glitches and issues with mass fishing, which can make the game feel unfair and unbalanced. Additionally, there’s a sense of repetition and grind as players collect and manage their catches.


While Call of the Wild: The Angler has its strengths in terms of fishing simulation, it seems to fall short in other areas. The mass fishing issue and repetition might deter some players from diving deeper into the game. However, if you’re looking for a relaxing experience or enjoy fishing in general, you might still enjoy this game. Just be prepared for some frustration and repetition.

For me, I’d give this game a “Maybe” - it’s not a complete miss, but it has its flaws. If the developers can iron out the issues with mass fishing and add more features to keep gameplay fresh, it might be worth revisiting. Until then, it’s a “wait-and-see” situation.

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