Farming Simulator 22 - Buyer's Guide

Experience rural farming life with Farming Simulator 22, featuring 400+ real brands and tools for customization. Should you play it in 2024? We weigh the pros and cons.
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Trade in your 9-to-5 for a life of fresh air and fertile land in Farming Simulator 22. With 400+ real agricultural brands and tools at your disposal, build your dream farm and expand your operations across the globe, from the sun-kissed Mediterranean to the rolling hills of Europe. New mechanics like mulching and stone picking join 100+ real brands like Case IH and John Deere in this award-winning simulation game that lets you rise to the challenges of farming and take your farm from seed to table.

Should I play Farming Simulator 22 in 2024?

The good

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with many players enjoying the game’s addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics, and diverse farming and economic systems. The game offers a lot of depth and customization options, with a huge community of players and creators making mods to enhance the experience.

The bad

Some players have reported minor bugs and technical issues, such as the G29 steering wheel deadzone, terrain manipulation tools, and poor physics handling. Additionally, the game’s monetization scheme has been criticized, with some players feeling that the season passes and DLCs are too expensive or not worth the cost.

The ugly

A few players have had frustrating experiences with the game’s customer support, including long wait times and unhelpful responses. One review even mentioned a serious issue with the game’s installer causing the game to become unavailable.


Despite some minor issues and controversies surrounding the game’s monetization, Farming Simulator 22 is an enjoyable and engaging game that offers a lot of depth and customization options. With its beautiful graphics, addictive gameplay, and dedicated community, I would still recommend picking up the game - especially while it’s free on Epic Games. Just be aware of the potential issues with customer support and the game’s monetization scheme.

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