American Truck Simulator - JCB Equipment Pack - Buyer's Guide

Discover the JCB Equipment Pack DLC for American Truck Simulator, adding new equipment and value for fans. Worth playing in 2024? Check reliability and try it out.
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Take your American Truck Simulator experience to the next level with the JCB Equipment Pack DLC. Expand your virtual business empire with a fleet of powerful JCB excavators, loaders, and generators. From electric machines to rugged contraptions, each JCB device provides unmatched performance and precision in simulated construction and agricultural projects across the USA.

Should I play American Truck Simulator - JCB Equipment Pack in 2024?

The good

The American Truck Simulator - JCB Equipment Pack seems to be a hit among gamers! Many have expressed their excitement to receive two DLCs for the price of one, bundling the game for ATS and ETS2. Reviewers are thrilled with the addition of new content, considering it a great value. One reviewer mentions that it’s awesome to see new branded content and DLCs for ATS, indicating a high level of satisfaction with the pack.

The bad

Unfortunately, one reviewer has experienced an issue with the DLC, reporting that it doesn’t work in-game. Although they mention that the rest of the game is awesome, they’re hoping for a solution to this problem.


So, is it worth buying in 2024? If you’re an American Truck Simulator fan, chances are you’ll love the JCB Equipment Pack. The bundle offers excellent value, and most reviewers seem thrilled with the new content. However, if you encounter any issues like the reviewer who reported problems, you might want to hold off until the developer addresses the issue. Overall, I’d say give it a shot if you’re a fan of the series or enjoy truck simulators. Just be aware that there might be some technical hiccups to work through.

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