Blockworks - Buyer's Guide

Discover Blockworks, a unique VR game that unleashes your creativity with hundreds of blocks and materials. Join the community and build your dream world.
Fan-art of Blockworks

Blockworks emerges as an innovative virtual reality game that takes the joy of block-building to new dimensions. This game offers a unique platform for players to unleash their creativity, providing hundreds of blocks and materials for building. It allows you to embellish your virtual room with your own designs and share your architectural marvels on the Steam Workshop. The game provides detailed instructions for novice builders and user-created sets for inspiration. With Sandbox Mode, you’re given unlimited access to all blocks and materials. You can save your designs or share them with the gaming community. Endless Mode takes the game a notch higher, offering an infinite building area. You can place blocks on the ground studs, providing limitless possibilities. With over 300 distinct blocks, more than 50 materials, four gaming modes, and thousands of community builds, Blockworks is a treasure trove for block-building enthusiasts. Stay connected with fellow gamers through the game’s official Discord channel.

Should I play Blockworks in 2024?

The good

A vast majority of reviewers have fallen in love with Blockworks, with one user even calling it their “most favourite VR Game”. The game’s emphasis on creativity and freedom to build without constraints has resonated with players. The game’s affordability, priced at just $14 AUD, is also a major plus for many users.

The bad

There’s not much to speak of when it comes to negative feedback for Blockworks. Some may find the game’s simplicity or lack of serious challenge to be off-putting, but overall, the overwhelmingly positive feedback suggests that these issues are minor.


If you’re a fan of creative freedom and building games, Blockworks is an absolute must-buy. With its affordable price tag and wealth of building options, it’s a no-brainer. Even if you’re not typically a gamer, the sheer joy and satisfaction of building in this game makes it an excellent option for anyone looking to unwind and express their creativity. So, what are you waiting for? Get building with Blockworks!

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