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Explore the immersive military simulation game Arma Reforger, powered by the Enfusion engine. Enjoy multiplayer conflict, custom scenarios, and modded content. 155 characters
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Arma Reforger, the latest entry in the celebrated Arma series, is a military simulation game powered by the innovative Enfusion engine. It propels players into a detailed Cold War scenario set across two distinct islands, Everon and Arland, which together span 61 km². The game offers a unique multiplayer mode, Conflict, where players can experience intense combat as either a US or Soviet soldier. Additionally, it introduces Game Master, a real-time editor for crafting custom scenarios. Arland, a 10 km² island known for its Soviet-leased military airbase, and Everon, a 51 km² mid-Atlantic island from the original Arma: Cold War Assault, offer a variety of landscapes for exploration and combat. Arma Reforger also introduces Combat Ops, a new scenario focusing on small-team tactics. For the first time in the Arma series, the game will be available on both Xbox and PC, with modded content accessible to all players through the game’s Workshop. The game’s Workbench feature, powered by the Enfusion engine, allows players to modify the game using the same tools as the developers, extending the game’s potential for customization and creativity.

Should I play Arma Reforger in 2024?

The good

  • Realism and Immersion: The Enfusion engine provides a highly realistic and immersive experience, with detailed injury systems, realistic vehicle damage, and compelling environmental effects. From sniper shots to whispering winds in the forest, the game draws players into its world.
  • Improved Visuals: Enhanced graphics with improved lighting, detailed environments, and authentic 1980s Eastern European settings significantly elevate the visual fidelity over its predecessors.
  • Sound Design: Rich and realistic sound effects contribute to immersion, including environmental noises, weapon discharges, and the eerie silence that falls after an explosion.
  • Engaging Multiplayer Modes: The Conflict game mode has received praise for its depth and engagement. Team cooperation, resource management, and strategic plays offer a genuine wartime experience.

The bad

  • Content Gaps: The game currently lacks a single-player campaign and has a limited selection of missions and scenarios.
  • Bugs and Polishing Needed: As is often with detailed simulators and new engines, there are some bugs and areas that still need refinement.
  • UI and Quality of Life Features: Missing features, like being able to see players you’ve recently played with, can hinder the gaming experience.


Is Arma Reforger worth your time and money in 2024? If you are a longtime ArmA fan or someone who thrives on hyper-realistic military simulations, the answer is a cautious yes. 🎖️🚁 The game excels in delivering an immersive and collaborative war experience but be prepared to overlook some content gaps and persistent bugs. For die-hard strategists and realism advocates, the game’s depth and the anticipation of its evolution into something greater (perhaps ArmA 4) make it a thrilling venture. For more casual players, the current lack of a single-player campaign and some incomplete features might be a dealbreaker. Proceed if you crave teamwork and tactical depth but be aware this is still a work in progress. 🎮🌲

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