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Delve into the mesmerizing world of Animal Well, a pixelated odyssey where atmospheric tension and surprise lurk around every corner. Explore a dense, non-linear environment to uncover secrets, craft a safety map, and employ cunning to overcome obstacles. With every step, seemingly innocuous details yield hidden truths, immersing players in a daunting yet delightful experience that will test even the keenest wits.

Should I play ANIMAL WELL in 2024?

The good

The overwhelming positivity from users about Animal Well is striking. Many reviewers praise the game’s unique art style, engaging puzzles, and immersive atmosphere. One reviewer even mentions that it’s one of the best metroidvania games in a long time. The game’s ability to keep players engaged for hours is another common praise.

The bad

Some reviewers find the game’s puzzles too challenging, especially towards the late-game. One reviewer mentions that the ARG (alternate reality game) aspect can be frustrating and feels like a waste of time. Another reviewer struggles with the game’s default controls and keyboard layout, finding it inaccessible with their disability.

The ugly

One reviewer expresses disappointment with the lack of rebinding options for the game’s controls. They mention that the absence of rebinding is particularly problematic for keyboard-only players like themselves.


Despite some minor complaints, the overwhelming majority of reviewers praise Animal Well. It’s clear that this game has made a lasting impression on many players. While it may not be perfect, Animal Well is a masterpiece that deserves recognition. If you’re a fan of metroidvania games or puzzle-adventure games in general, Animal Well is definitely worth checking out. However, if you’re extremely particular about keyboard controls, you might want to wait until the rebinding issue is addressed.

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