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Experience a perilous quest through a forgotten city with a scrappy stray cat and drone sidekick. Beautiful visuals, engaging story, and charm await.
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In the neon-lit underbelly of a forgotten city, a scrappy stray cat embarks on a perilous quest to reunite with loved ones. With the help of a plucky drone sidekick, B-12, the feline hero must navigate treacherous alleys, outsmart foes, and unravel the city’s ancient secrets to escape the crumbling metropolis.

Should I play Stray in 2024?

The good

Many reviewers praised the game’s beautiful visuals, great gameplay variety, and interesting story. The game’s setting and atmosphere were widely praised, with many mentioning the stunning visuals, ambient soundtrack, and immersive world. The game’s characters, particularly the protagonist cat, were well-received for their charm and authenticity. Many reviewers enjoyed the game’s sense of discovery, finding secrets and hidden collectibles.

The bad

Some reviewers noted that the game’s platforming felt basic, with one reviewer stating that the game’s jumping mechanics were too straightforward. A few reviewers also felt that the game was too short, with some wishing for more content or a longer playtime.

The ugly

Some reviewers mentioned issues with the game’s performance, including frame rate drops and glitches. A few reviewers also felt that the game’s ending was abrupt or unsatisfying.


Overall, I would recommend playing Stray, especially for fans of adventure games and cat lovers! Despite a few minor flaws, the game’s unique setting, engaging story, and charming protagonist make it a must-play. The game’s varying gameplay, beautiful visuals, and immersive world all work together to create a truly memorable gaming experience. While the game may be a bit short, its engaging story and charm make it well worth playing. So, if you’re looking for a fun and unique gaming experience, give Stray a try!

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