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Experience unique RPG, strategy, and roguelite elements in Wildermyth, with replayable campaigns and charming art style. Discover why it's worth the investment.
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In Wildermyth, lead a group of heroes as they evolve from ordinary individuals to legendary warriors. Explore a procedurally generated fantasy world, making choices that shape your characters’ destinies. Enjoy rich storytelling, deep combat mechanics, and the freedom to customize your heroes’ appearances, names, and histories. With multiple difficulty levels, cooperative multiplayer, and the ability to carry over favorite heroes to future playthroughs, Wildermyth offers endless replayability and a rich pantheon of legendary characters to create and explore.

Should I play Wildermyth in 2024?

The good

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, praising the game’s unique blend of RPG, strategy, and roguelite elements. Players love the deep character development, meaningful storylines, and engaging combat. The game’s art style and writing are also praised, with many reviewers noting the game’s charming and witty storytelling. The game’s replayability is another highlight, with many reviewers mentioning the game’s many hours of content and the ability to play through multiple campaigns with different characters.

The bad

Some reviewers mention that the game can become repetitive after extended playtime, with too much repetition in the game’s systems and mechanics. A few reviewers also mention the game’s writing, noting that it can be a bit “much” at times. Finally, one reviewer mentions the game’s difficulty, saying that the Tragic Hero difficulty is not a good starting point for new players.


So, should you still buy Wildermyth in 2024? Absolutely! With its unique blend of RPG, strategy, and roguelite elements, Wildermyth offers a gaming experience like no other. While some reviewers mention the potential for repetition and difficulty spikes, the game’s replayability and depth make it well worth the investment. With its charming art style, witty writing, and engaging combat, Wildermyth is a game that will keep you coming back for more.

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