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Experience Warhammer 40,000: Darktide's intense melee combat & gritty atmosphere, but beware of bugs, lack of single-player & emphasis on paid cosmetics. Worth playing for fans of Warhammer 40k
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Immerse yourself in the grim, dystopian universe of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, a heart-pounding action shooter that challenges you to reclaim the beleaguered city of Tertium. This game is the latest co-op focused endeavor from the esteemed creators of the Vermintide series. You and your allies are members of the Inquisition, entrusted with the mission to eliminate the insidious forces threatening to plunge the city into a sea of darkness. With the city teetering on the brink of Chaos, it’s a race against time to extinguish this sinister force.

Built on the foundations of Vermintide 2’s renowned melee combat, Darktide infuses the thrill of WH40K gunplay. Master the delicate dance between ranged and melee combat as you face hordes of enemies, each strike, shot, and slash leaving a lasting impact.

Darktide emphasizes the importance of teamwork. Straying from your group could leave you vulnerable to adversaries like the Chaos Hound or Moebian Trapper. Once ensnared, only your teammates can rescue you. Your resilience, your will to endure, only recharges when near your squad.

Craft a unique character, personalizing their appearance, voice, and backstory. Your class choice dictates the skills and traits you’ll utilize in battle. Whether you’re a hardened Imperial army veteran, a cynical outsider, or a passionate zealot, the choice is yours.

Tertium Hive, from its sweltering factories to its acid rain-drenched water maintenance zone, is an unforgiving world that you’re tasked to cleanse of lurking threats. Prepare to adapt to the unpredictable challenges posed by Chaos conditions- mutators that demand tactical flexibility and loadout changes. Survival in Darktide is as much about strategic adaptability as it is about raw combat skills.

Should I play Warhammer 40,000: Darktide in 2024?

The good

  • Core Gameplay: Many players praise the core gameplay feel, calling it fun, engaging, and well-designed. The gunplay and melee combat both receive high marks.
  • Atmosphere and Visuals: Players enjoy the atmosphere, locations, and character banter, with some mentioning how the game looks amazing and has distinct character personalities.
  • Replayability: Despite its issues, the game offers a solid gameplay loop that fans of horde shooters may find easy to sink time into.
  • Comparisons to Left 4 Dead: The game is often compared to Left 4 Dead in a positive light, citing a similar but faster-paced experience.

The bad

  • Updates and Promises: Several reviewers mention delays or broken promises regarding new content, such as solo mode and new maps.
  • Crafting System: The crafting system is widely criticized for being unrewarding and grindy, negatively impacting the endgame experience.
  • Content: Players feel the game lacks new content, with some expressing dissatisfaction over recent updates and the infrequency of significant changes.
  • Performance Issues: Performance can be a problem, requiring a robust setup to maintain decent frame rates.
  • Cosmetic Cash Shop: Regular updates to the cosmetic cash shop are seen as a negative, especially when core gameplay issues remain unaddressed.
  • Nerfs and Balance Problems: Some players feel the developers have made unnecessary balance changes that hinder certain play styles, especially in a PvE game.
  • Sound Design: Issues with sound design and audio bugs have also been flagged by players.


Should you buy or play “Warhammer 40,000: Darktide” in 2024? 🎮

It’s a mixed bag, folks. If you’re a hardcore Warhammer fan or love horde shooters and can overlook some glaring issues, “Darktide” might still offer you dozens of hours of fun. The core gameplay is solid and engaging, and the atmosphere is top-notch.

However, if broken promises, a poor crafting system, and lack of new content are deal-breakers for you, it might be worth waiting until the developers address these concerns. The game has potential, but it’s clear that it hasn’t fully realized it yet.

Approach with tempered expectations and keep an eye out for updates. If the issues you’re concerned about are ever resolved, this could be a more definitive recommendation. Until then, it’s a cautious 🟨 “maybe.”

Happy gaming! 🎮🕹️

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