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Explore Visage, a psychological horror game where you'll uncover the truth behind a haunting house. Worth playing in 2024, despite some flaws, for its terrifying atmosphere and complex story.
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Immerse yourself in Visage, a harrowing first-person psychological horror game where exploration is key to unveiling its disturbing narrative. Delve into an enigmatic, ever-transforming house teeming with haunting memories of past atrocities committed within its walls. The surreal environment presents both eerily soothing and horrifically realistic settings that challenge players’ perceptions. With no weapons to aid in defense, you must rely on your wits to navigate through the gloom as malevolent entities seek to break your sanity. Can you withstand the terror and unearth the truth behind this grim abode?

Should I play Visage in 2024?

The good

Visage has received widespread praise for its ability to create a terrifying atmosphere, with many reviewers praising its use of darkness and lighting to create fear. The game’s story is also praised for its complexity and depth, with multiple chapters and characters to explore. The game’s ability to startle and scare players is also noted, with some reviewers getting a lot of enjoyment out of its jump scares.

The bad

While most reviewers praised the game’s atmosphere and story, a few reviewers noted that the gameplay can be tedious and convoluted, with some players getting stuck on puzzles and needing to use guides to progress. One reviewer also reported a game-breaking bug that prevented them from achieving the “Good Ending”.


So, should you still buy or play Visage in 2024? Absolutely! While it’s clear that the game has some flaws, the majority of reviewers praise its ability to create a terrifying atmosphere and deliver scares. The game’s complex story and multiple playable characters are also a major draw. While the gameplay can be tedious at times, the payoff is worth it for fans of the horror genre. Just be prepared to use a guide or two to get through the more tricky parts, and you might want to hold off on achieving that perfect ending until a patch or two come out to address that game-breaking bug.

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