The Wizards - Dark Times: Brotherhood - Buyer's Guide

Explore the enchanted realm of Meliora in this action-adventure VR spellcaster, but beware of technical issues and a lacking developer response. Is it worth playing? Read reviews to find out.
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The Free Brotherhood update introduces a thrilling 3-player co-op mode, where you and two other wizards must rely on your unique elemental skills (Fire, Frost, and Storm) to combat new enemy types and variants. Journey through an overhauled single-player adventure in the enchanted realm of Meliora, now plagued by a dark disease that morphs its inhabitants into creatures of madness and malice. The involvement of forbidden powers and rogue wizards means you’ll face the apocalypse directly. The update boasts enhanced graphics and VR controls, elevating the gaming experience to new heights. Explore various areas of Meliora - from the cursed Forest to the toxic swamps, the ruined Necropolis, and beyond - with no magical barriers in your way. With an action-adventure VR spellcaster set in a lush fantasy world, improved hand-gesture spell casting, new spells and enemies, a new region to explore, and additional game modes, you’re in for a spellbinding journey.

Should I play The Wizards - Dark Times: Brotherhood in 2024?

The Good

From the reviews, it seems that the game had potential, with the promise of new content and excitement for players. However, due to the various technical issues and lack of developer support, this aspect of the game was ultimately overshadowed by the negative experiences.

The Bad

The red flags are many and overwhelming. The Index Controller issue has been persisting for nearly half a year with no solution in sight, leaving many players unable to play the game at all. The devs’ lack of responsiveness and apparent disinterest in addressing these problems is disheartening. It’s clear that the game has become a shell of itself, leaving players frustrated and eager for change.


Based on these reviews, it’s hard to recommend The Wizards: Dark Times: Brotherhood in its current state. The game’s inability to function properly, combined with the devs’ apparent disinterest in fixing the issues, makes it a hard sell. Until the developer addresses the fundamental problems and shows clear dedication to improving the game, it’s best to hold off on purchasing this title.

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