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Embark on a prehistoric adventure in The Isle, but be prepared for frequent crashes and bugs. Explore diverse lands, tame dinosaurs, and survive in a harsh environment. Is it worth the frustration?
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Immerse yourself in the prehistoric world of The Isle, a gritty survival horror game set on mysterious islands. Explore diverse landscapes like dense forests and treacherous mountains while fending off terrifying creatures lurking around every corner. Uncover ancient ruins to piece together past secrets as you struggle to survive in an ever-evolving environment, where mistakes come at a price. Players can choose from numerous unique dinosaurs with varying abilities and engage in massive multiplayer battles against 100+ hungry opponents. The Isle offers two distinct modes: Survival mode for those seeking the ultimate challenge, or Sandbox mode for less intense gameplay experiences. Engage with a global community to unravel an intricate narrative through environmental clues and cooperation. As development progresses, expect exciting additions like playable aquatic and aerial creatures, evolved AI dinosaurs, more biome types, and extensive customization options, making The Isnle a thrilling adventure of survival in the Mesozoic era.

Should I play The Isle in 2024?

The good

The game has a large map to explore, good graphics, and a variety of playable dinosaurs. Some players have reported enjoying the game’s survival element and hunting mechanics.

The bad

The game has been plagued by numerous bugs, including issues with stamina regen, AI problems, and frequent updates that often break the game’s balance. The game’s developers have been criticized for their handling of community criticism, with some players feeling like their feedback is being ignored. The game’s recent updates have removed many of the original game’s features and replaced them with new content, leading to frustration and disappointment among players.


It’s been 9 years since the game’s early access release, and it’s clear that the developers have struggled to deliver a polished and stable product. The game’s numerous bugs and frequent crashes are frustrating for players, and the lack of communication with the community is disappointing. While some players may still find enjoyment in the game’s survival elements and hunting mechanics, the overall experience is marred by technical issues and poor development practices. Unless the developers can significantly improve the game’s quality and communication with the community, it’s difficult to recommend “The Isle” to new players.

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