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Immersive journey through medieval Europe, blend of simulation, strategy, and RPG elements. Enjoyable for fans, but flawed game with unmet expectations, many bugs, and questionable development practices, max 155-160 characters
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‘The Guild 3’: An immersive journey through middle European trade routes of the year 140Europe, set during a transformative era when free cities and minds emerged. This unique blend of economic simulation, strategy, role-playing game elements, and historical life simulation takes place in real time 3D with atmospheric voice recordings and an evocative medieval soundtrack. Players must navigate the complex world of handcrafts, trading, politics, and intrigues to build a powerful dynasty that can last for centuries. Choose your path—be it honest craftsmanship or manipulation through bribes, romance-driven alliances, or sabotage via explosives and poison.

Should I play The Guild 3 in 2024?

The good

The overall sentiment is mixed, but some gamers have found enjoyment in the game. A few reviewers have praised the game’s graphic improvements and some have had positive experiences with the multiplayer mode.

The bad

Unfortunately, many gamers have been disappointed with the game’s removal of core features, buggy gameplay, and questionable development practices. Some have even described it as a scam or abandoned project. The reviews are filled with criticism regarding the game’s potential misuse of enthusiast hype and early access sales.


The reviews suggest that The Guild 3 is a flawed game with unmet expectations. While it may hold some value for hardcore fans of the series or those willing to overlook its flaws, it’s unlikely to provide an excellent gaming experience for most players. The game’s abandonment by the developers and numerous bugs further reduce its value. Keep in mind that the positive reviews are outnumbered by the negative ones, and it’s best to proceed with caution.

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