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Explore the world of Eudros as a Harbinger bloodline descendent, but beware of unfinished areas, bugs, and poor pacing in this 2024 game release
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Embark on an epic open-world adventure as a descendant of the Harbinger bloodline, tasked with protecting the land of Eudros from an impending catastrophe. Wield the power of foresight to foresee impending dangers and shape the fate of the kingdom. Explore a vast world of diverse biomes, join guilds, hunt magical creatures, and craft gadgets to forge your own destiny. With over 500 skills to unlock, thousands of equipment options, and a world of possibilities, the choice is yours to define your own playstyle, whether as a silent assassin, a paladin, or a necromancer-turned-engineer-turned-druidic-artist.

Should I play The Bloodline in 2024?

The good

“The Bloodline” offers a captivating blend of classic RPG elements reminiscent of “Oblivion,” user-friendly medieval sandbox mechanics, and an expansive world that invites exploration. Fans appreciate the variety of gameplay modes, from spellcasting in combat to base-building in a Mount and Blade-like overworld. The game has received praise for its potential, the fun combat system, and its unique fusion of influences from games like “Skyrim,” “RuneScape,” and “Valheim.” Players also commend the developer’s approachability and active engagement with the community on platforms like Discord.

The bad

Despite its charm, “The Bloodline” is marred by numerous bugs and a lack of polish. Reviewers mention frequent glitches, such as enemies clipping through terrain, inconsistent spell effects, and problematic UI design that make navigation tiring. Additionally, the game feels unfinished in several areas, with many features either incomplete or labeled “Coming Soon.” The inconsistent updates focusing on new content rather than polishing existing mechanics have also concerned some players. The game’s overall depth is questioned, with some aspects feeling more like a tech demo than a fleshed-out experience.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? If you’re a fan of early access games and can handle the rough edges, “The Bloodline” is definitely worth exploring. While it’s currently plagued by bugs and unfinished elements, the game’s potential shines through its unique blend of influences and fun, if quirky, gameplay mechanics. It’s like a medieval sandbox with a lot of heart but in need of some serious TLC. 🏰✨

If you’re patient and enjoy watching a game grow and improve, put this one on your wishlist or buy it on sale. The dev is engaged and responsive, which bodes well for its future. But, if you’re looking for a polished, bug-free experience, you might want to hold off a bit longer. Give it time to cook, and who knows? This little gem could turn into a classic. 🌟

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