Stranded: Alien Dawn - Robots and Guardians - Buyer's Guide

Immerse yourself in an intense cooperative experience as you defend sentient android Hope from destruction on an alien planet. Worth considering for fans of the game, but don't expect a game-changer. Max 155-160 characters
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Immerse yourself in an unprecedented scenario of Stranded: Alien Dawn where players defend the pioneering sentient android, Hope, from a ruthless manufacturing consortium seeking her destruction on an alien planet. In this intense cooperative experience, rebel forces must fortify their base using cutting-edge technologies and devise strategies to fend off waves of hostile automatons while ensuring Hope’s safe growth towards full sentience.

Should I play Stranded: Alien Dawn - Robots and Guardians in 2024?

The Good

Players seem to enjoy the new dynamics brought by the Robots and Guardians DLC, particularly the addition of researchable robots and the progress of the android Hope from zero to ten intelligence. The DLC also offers a fresh playstyle with the new robots, which can automate tasks like scavenging and farming.

The Bad

Some users feel that the DLC throws off the balance of the game, making it less challenging. Additionally, the new robots can make the game feel too easy.


While the DLC brings some exciting new features, its impact on the game’s balance is a concern. However, if you’re looking for a fresh spin on the game, the Robots and Guardians DLC might be worth considering. With 475 hours of playtime already invested in the base game, it’s clear that this DLC won’t break the game. It’s a nice addition, but don’t expect it to revolutionize the game. If you’re new to Stranded: Alien Dawn, you might want to start with the base game and then consider this DLC for a change of pace. Overall, it’s a nice bonus for fans of the game.

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