Squad - Buyer's Guide

Embark on massive 50v50 battles in Squad's realistic military shooter. Enjoy authentic weaponry, vehicles, and tactics with a strong community and mods. Currently marred by poor optimization and physics issues.
Fan-art of Squad

Squad: A hyperrealistic military first-person shooter that immerses players into the heart of battle with its massive 50 vs. 50 confrontations across expansive maps and diverse terrains. With a focus on authenticity, Squad presents an array of faction-specific weaponry and vehicles for players to construct their ideal loadouts tailored to strategic combat. The game emphasizes the significance of teamwork and tactics through its Picture-in-Picture scopes and suppression system that demands players work in unison against 13 varied global factions including U.S Marine Corps, Australian Defence Force, Canadian Army and more. Squad also introduces a dynamic building & logistics system allowing the adaptation of battlefield strategies with fortifications, ammunition supplies and equipment deployment. To ensure seamless communication among team members during intense combat situations, an in-game VoIP is provided along with map tools for effective tactical coordination.

Should I play Squad in 2024?

The good

The community and mods created by fans are notable highlights of this game. The community has been keeping the game alive, and the mods have added new factions, vehicles, and guns to the game. The game also allows players to form lasting connections and friendships.

The bad

The game has received complaints about its poor optimization, with some players experiencing frame rates as low as 30 FPS on high-end hardware. The game’s physics are also criticized, with vehicles flipping and bouncing around unnecessarily. The game’s gunplay has been affected by the Infantry Combat Overhaul, with some players feeling that it’s become a “coin flip” rather than a strategic game.


In conclusion, I do not recommend buying Squad in its current state. While the community and mods are a highlight, the game’s poor optimization and physics make it an unpleasant experience. Additionally, the Infantry Combat Overhaul has ruined the game’s gunplay, making it feel more like a random chance game rather than a tactical one. Unless the developer, OWI, addresses these issues and improves the game’s performance, I would advise waiting for a more solid release.

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Screenshot of Squad

Top image is not real in-game screenshots. Fan-art made by Gamer.se. Some game metadata is coming from RAWG